About Us

This is a free service from those of us at the BioPharmaceutical.Info industry news website to applicants (and always will be).  As an introductory offer, until 31 January 2012, listings are free to recruiters as well.

A clean and easy to work with site is our goal.  If you have comments or suggestions, we welcome them.  Please use the contact form below.


Applicant's cover message and CVs are sent directly to the recruiter.  They are not saved on our servers. We will never, ever sell or trade any information from applicants or recruiters.  Period.

Terms of Service for Applicants:

Please only send serious inquiries to recruiters in our listings.  If you know (for sure) that you are not qualified for a position, please do not apply.  However, sometimes you know (for sure) that you have some of the qualifications (but not all).  That is the time to work on your cover letter because, the recruiter's client may not have found a suitable candidate and may be willing to accept lesser qualifications.  This is where those of you who are in the "Catch 22" situation of, "They only want candidates with industry experience and how do I get experience without a job in the industry?", can shine.  Penalties for violating these suggestions?  Probably none.  Serious spam?  Read below.  We do not bite.

Terms of Service for Recruiters:

First of all, if you have questions or concerns about your potential job postings, just use the contact form below to send us a question or a potential job post that you may think might be a violation of the rules below.  We do not bite.

Please post job ads in the proper job type and location category.  All job(s) listed in the ad should be for that particular location and category.

For example:  It is OK to post a listing in the Basel area that requires 3 Statistical Programmers in the same ad.  It is also OK if they are with different companies, as long as they are all in the same area/city/region.  It is not OK to post an ad in the "Programmer" section and say, "We need 2 Biostatisticians and three CRAs here too."  It is not OK to post an ad in the "Statistical Programmers" and say. "Know any Biostatisticians?  Send them to us."  In other words, only a specific job ad for the category/location.

If you need an Administrative Assistant, Pharmacist,  for a pharma or biotech company, just post it in "Other Pharma Jobs".  That is just fine.

Mess up on this stuff badly and we'll just delete the ad and warn you.  You can then just correct the ad and post it again.  We still do not bite.

Should be simple...  We'll see.

Here's where we do bite:

Posting of non-pharmaceutical or biotechnology related jobs or anything spam-like is forbidden.  Your ad will be deleted and you will get one warning.  Violation of this rule will get, not only you, but everyone at your company banned for life.  Period.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad, from any company, for any reason.

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